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Infrared Scans

The use of thermographic imaging techniques has successfully established itself in the context of non-destructive material testing in many areas of industry. After numerous practical tests and trials with various material samples, we decided to use this technology as a standard procedure in the course of our inspections.


The engine system:  The engine is the heart of every yacht! It is all the more important to always ensure that their full operational capability is guaranteed. Clogged seawater filters, porous impellers or corrosion damage to heat exchangers and cooling lines can quickly lead to a reduction in cooling performance and costly damage.

Electrics:  In older boats there are also regularly corroded cables and connectors, which also represent a potential for damage or a latent safety risk.

Hull:  Cracks in the gelcoat or poorly installed through-hull fittings and hatches can cause water to penetrate the laminate, which can lead to delamination and weakening of the hull structure.


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