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A Yacht at Sea

Sellers Survey

Sellers Survey

Our Seller’s Survey assists the yacht owner or broker in gaining an independent insight into the condition of his yacht and protect his interests throughout the sales process. This will also enable the seller to address any issues found that would result in a negotiated reduction in price, all findings are totally confidential.

Stage 1: We inspect the vessel either in and/or out of the water with particular attention given to any aspects that may become potential issues during the sales process. The process can be as little as a walk through half day review of the vessel through to a full pre-purchase survey with sea trials.

Stage 2: We issue you with a confidential condition report including a market value if requested. Whilst the report is confidential we will allow the owner to use the report as part of the sales material.

Stage 3 (optional): If serious defects are found, we can arrange for the repairs before sales viewings commence, or manage the process at the shipyard for the owner at an extra cost. We can also return to inspect post repairs ensuring works are completed to a satisfactory standard if the owner chooses to manage works himself.

Stage 4: We attend all or part of the pre-purchase survey on the seller’s behalf to ensure that all procedures are carried out correctly and any findings or defects discovered are substantiated. In the event of a legal dispute we provide an expert witness service on the owner’s behalf.

Inventory Service: A full or partial inventory of the vessel’s equipment and interior furnishings can also be provided

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