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A Yacht at Sea

Pre-purchase Buyers Survey

Pre-Purchase - Buyers Survey

Buying your first boat is usually a significant purchase and slightly daunting. Buying any boat, can be a significant investment. My role as a Marine Surveyor is to look over all aspects of the boat and report on its condition, systems and what needs doing. My reports are in plain English and are often used to discuss prices with the broker, raise finance and obtain insurance. You already know how important a comprehensive and thorough survey is. From me you will get my “plain English” approach with feedback on your potential purchase. Rest assured my surveys are fair, realistic, pragmatic and explain to the potential purchaser all my findings. I never scaremonger, I simply seek to provide a fair survey, that assists the purchaser and the broker, and ensures the purchaser buys with his eyes open. I work with yourself and with brokers to suit required timescales and reporting requirements.

Please email me at and I will forward you a 'Sample Marine Survey Report' or flip back to the homepage to download a 'Sample' so you can see the details in full listed below.



·        Identification of vessel.

·         External hull and hull structure.

·         Internal structure and stiffening.

·         Internal fit out and joinery.

·         Underwater sections.

·         Moisture reference readings.

·         Keel, ballast & keel fixings.

·         Rudder and steering system.

·         Stern gear & stern gland and sail drive.

·         Cathodic protection.

·         Skin fittings and sea valves.

·         Hull fittings.

·         Hull to deck joint.

·         Deck structure, coach roof and cockpits.

·         Deck fittings, handrails & stanchions.

·         Hatches doors and port lights.

·         Ground tackle.

·         Anchoring and mooring arrangements.

·         Exhaust system.

·         Fuel system installation.

·         Bilge and pumping systems.

·         Toilet system installation.

·         Fresh water system installation.

·         Gas system installation.

·         Ventilation.

·         Fire safety and equipment.

·         Electrical system installation.

·         Low voltage systems.

·         240 v systems.

·         Navigation systems.

·         Domestic systems.

·         Additional comment on cosmetics.

·         Safety equipment.

·         Maintenance advice and requirements.

·         Overall comment.

·         Market valuation.


·         Assistance throughout the purchase.

Image by Alex Block
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