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Amel 54 Surveyed February 2024

The Amel 54 is known for its solid construction and excellent seaworthiness, making it a preferred choice for long-distance cruisers and sailing enthusiasts seeking a dependable and comfortable vessel. Our findings in Preveza only reinforced the reputation of the Amel 54 as a well-built, well-maintained solid yacht


Najad 390 

Conclusion: Overall, the Najad 390 presents as a well-built and capable cruising yacht with a few areas requiring attention. The teak decks and electrical systems need upgrades and cosmetic works to enhance safety, functionality, and aesthetics. With these improvements, the vessel will continue to offer comfortable and safe cruising capabilities. This survey serves as an independent assessment of the vessel's condition, aimed at assisting the potential buyer in making an informed purchase decision.



Nautitech 46 Open


  1. Structural Integrity:

    • The hull and deck structures appear to be in excellent condition, with no signs of damage or significant wear. The Airex foam core and fiberglass construction techniques employed in the vessel's construction contribute to its strength, durability, and lightweight characteristics.

  2. Below-Deck Structures:

    • The fiberglass grid within the hull effectively supports the rig and keel loads, as well as the cabinetry and cabin sole. This structural component is in good condition, showing no signs of stress or failure.

  3. Onboard Systems:

    • The vessel's onboard systems, including electrical, plumbing, and navigation equipment, were found to be well-maintained and functioning as intended. There were no indications of system malfunctions or deficiencies during the survey.

  4. Sea Trial:

    • The sea trial demonstrated the Nautitech 46 Open's excellent performance and handling characteristics. The vessel performed well under various conditions, indicating a well-balanced design and effective load distribution.


  • Immediate Action:

    • None required. The vessel is in excellent condition and ready for use.


Alibi 54 multihull

Survey Overview: The Alibi 54 catamaran under survey, crafted by Alibi Catamarans, represents a blend of performance, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. The construction incorporates foam coring in the hulls, deck, and bulkheads, with carbon fiber reinforcement in critical stress points, hand-laid and vacuum-bagged components using isophthalic gelcoat and vinylester resin. A fiberglass grid is integrated into the lower hull to support rig and keel loads and below-deck structures. The vessel features a three-cabin layout adjacent to the saloon, offering six berths and spacious live-aboard amenities suitable for extended cruising.

Extent and Limitations of Inspection: This inspection focused on the structural integrity, onboard systems, and overall condition of the vessel, with a particular emphasis on identifying any defects or areas requiring attention. The survey does not cover cosmetic aspects that do not affect the structural integrity or seaworthiness of the vessel.

Findings and Recommendations:

  1. Electrical Systems:

    • The electrical system requires a comprehensive review by a qualified marine electrician. It is essential to assess, label, and upgrade the system to meet marine environment standards and document the configuration for safety and compliance, particularly concerning CE qualification requirements.

  2. Automatic Identification System (AIS) and VHF Connectivity:

    • The AIS functionality and connectivity issues need addressing. Both VHF setups (cockpit and saloon) should be tested for operational integrity to ensure reliable communication capabilities.

  3. Battery Management:

    • An investigation into the reported continuous discharge of engine batteries is necessary. The absence of an anode in the starboard engine and discrepancies in battery management instructions suggest potential electrical leakage, necessitating a thorough review of the electrical system.

  4. Diesel Fuel System:

    • The redesign of the diesel fuel system must be documented to ensure it meets current safety and operational standards.

  5. Trampoline and RIB Access Point:

    • The worn trampoline requires replacement for safety and aesthetics. Additionally, the RIB access point's damage needs repairing to prevent further deterioration.

  6. Galley Appliances:

    • Verification that the oven and hob function correctly with both the generator set (GENSET) and standard AC plug-in is crucial for ensuring the galley's operational safety and convenience.

  7. Mechanical Systems:

    • The abnormal 'kick' observed when engaging the diesels suggests potential issues with the shafts or backelite filling. An inspection is necessary to determine if replacements or adjustments are required to align with modern standards.

Conclusion: The Alibi 54 presents as a well-crafted cruising catamaran with several areas requiring attention, primarily within its electrical and mechanical systems. Addressing these issues will ensure the vessel's safety, functionality, and compliance with marine standards. This report aims to provide an independent assessment to assist the potential buyer in making an informed decision.

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