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News update!

Are you Feeling it?

Todays assignment was a Buyers Survey on this Feeling Kirie 486 Yacht for sale in Greece!

In the early 1980's, Kirie, a well respected long established French boat builder, sold out to American buyers who created a very modern responsive range of Iron Keel Yachts under the name of FEELING. The first Feeling 10.40 model sailed from France to New York single handed, was knocked down several times by hurricane David, survived unscathed, and was exhibited at the New York boat show. It went on to be awarded the 1985 American boat of the year.

For those not familiar with the mark, the designers went all out to produce an attractive, fast, easy to sail, yet ocean going model, with a cavernous interior not seen before on a yacht of this size. The sense of space and luxury down below was heightened by the use of light Elm and luxury fabrics throughout. In the mid eighties, this was the first production company to use light coloured woodwork for cabins. The open plan saloon is replicated by many new boats today. The interior belies this boats age, though it has the warmth of natural wood and shows no bare glass fibre.

As with a lot of companies that wish to launch a new range and establish a product in a highly competitive market, the first years models were very well made. In later years the successful company was sold to Kelt who in my opinion, down graded the Feeling range, and of course made them Lift Keel models.

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