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Ultrasound Marine Surveyor Ireland

Ultrasound Surveys are carried out to measure the hull plating thickness on vessels. Dozens of readings are taken around the vessels hull to look for areas where the hull plating may be thinning.

The Ultrasound Survey is not confined to hulls of vessels, bulkheads, decks and structures can also be measured as well as Aluminium and GRP hulls and other structures, contact us for your specific requirements.

Marine-Surveys-Ireland also carry out Ultrasound Surveys on vessels as part of a Full Condition Survey. We have the latest ultrasonic thickness gauge instruments, they are non destructive and accurate readings are made without removing any of the paint or filler system. Our primary instrument is the Cygnus 4 multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauge.

Marine-Surveys-Ireland carries out Ultrasound Surveys on all types of vessels throughout Ireland. We are experienced, hold qualifications in marine surveying and are members of surveying organisations including; International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) or The Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA). Our rates are competitive.

Cygnus 2 - Equipment. A report is provided explaining the findings of the Ultrasound Survey. Within the report, problems found during the survey are listed and information is given on their importance and recommendations for repair. All the thickness measurements made during the survey including their position will be recorded within the report.

Once the survey has been completed we guarantee to provide the report within 48Hrs. We will spend the time to answer any questions about the survey and are happy to give any advice.

To receive a quote for a Ultrasound Survey, fill in the online survey inquiry form on our website or contact us directly with you requirements.

I have been Surveying boats since 1995. By 2022 I have completed over 3700 surveys, which includes 100's of types of Yachts and Motor boats. I am a Member of the IIMS (International Institute of Marine Surveying) and I am proud and passionate about the services I provide. email me at

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